La Petite Playschool and La Petite Nursery

Age Groups

INFANTS (6 Weeks - 11 Months):
We provide our infants with a safe 'home away from home'. Our infants are cuddled, pampered, nurtured, and loved. We engage them in stimulating activities which are rich in sensory adventures and promote their natural enthusiasm for learning, interacting, communicating, and discovery.

WOBBLERS (12 Months - 23 Months):
e encourage our Wobblers to explore their world in our safe yet adventuresome environment. Through songs and reading, we help them develop their vocabulary and language skill-sets. We engage in such activities as arts and crafts, Play-Doh, finger painting, puzzles, parachute/balls, and dance/movement which keeps them active and engaged. 

TINY TOTS (24 Months - Until Toilet Trained):
We provide our Tiny Tots with fun, stimulating play activities which are designed to promote growth and learning. Our daily 'Circle Time' includes singing, games, science projects, story time, Spanish, instruments, and arts and crafts.  In preparation for our Preschool program, we teach them the alphabet, phonics, colors, numbers, and shapes.  

PRESCHOOL (3 Years):
We offer our Preschoolers an excellent, education-based program. In addition to Circle Time (i,e. Spanish, singing, instruments, dance and gymnastics class, science, story time, arts and crafts), we teach our Preschoolers phonics, number and letter recognition, states, continents, counting to 100, blends, and beginning writing (letters and numbers). Most importantly, we work with each child at his/her own pace to ensure that learning is a fun, positive experience.

We prepare our Pre-Kindergarteners to effortlessly pass their kindergarten assessment tests and excel in kindergarten. In addition to our normal preschool curriculum, we teach them sight words, beginning reading, advanced writing (words and sentences), and addition and subtraction. Each week, we provide our Pre-Kindergarteners with one-on-one tutoring in order to hone their reading and writing skills. Our main goal is to broaden their skill-sets and build their confidence for their next big adventure - kindergarten!



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