La Petite Playschool and La Petite Nursery

Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials:  

Teagan and Ani
"La Petite Playschool is undoubtedly the BEST childcare program in Corvallis, Oregon.  The owner, Lisa Miller, has put together an incredible program that not only includes structured school activities and free play but also gives the children the extra TLC that they occasionally need when Mom or Dad are not around.  Everything about La Petite is focused on the children and their well being, which is why I have
never, and will never, take my daughters anywhere else."
UPDATE:  "Teagan owned her kindergarten assessment/interview.  She was told she was already at 1st grade level math. My future engineer!"  
Randy and Alison Ocampo, Teagan and Ani's parents

Maggie and Tess

"Our daughter Maggie has been at La Petite Playschool since June of 2011 and we couldn't be happier with our choice. My husband and I felt that Maggie needed to be near children her own age and that she was ready for a school curriculum. Until Maggie turned 3 she had never been in daycare. She had a hard time adjusting to the change in routine and being away from Mommy and Daddy. Miss Lisa was very supportive and we all worked together to make Maggie's transition a success. I am proud to say that Maggie now looks forward to school everyday and is always excited to see her friends. I was especially grateful for the constant email and photo updates provided by Miss Lisa in Maggie's first few days at school. As all parents know, it was hard to be away from her and the emails made it that much easier. I am also grateful for the daily updates Miss Lisa provides. I know exactly what Maggie had for breakfast, lunch and snack, if she napped and for how long, and how her behavior was that day. Maggie surprises me every day with a new song or story and told me that my "eyes were sparkling because I love her". This was something she had learned to say at school. If that's not proof of a loving supportive environment, I don't know what is."
I'm so proud of my Maggie!  She had her kindergarten interview today and after her assessment her teacher told her she was ready for the first grade!  She asked Maggie if she would be her helper in the classroom to teach the other kids at her table... Maggie is so excited about that!  Thank you La Petite Playschool for helping to prepare our girl for the "real world".  You should have seen the several blown away looks on the teacher's face with Maggie's answers and comments!"

"Our baby Tess has attended La Petite Play School since she was 9 months old and she fell in love with the staff right away. They’ve watched her change from a crawling baby to a running toddler and have supported, encouraged and guided every milestone along the way. Before she learned to speak, and thanks to La Petite, Tess knew how to ask for “more”, say “please” and “again” and make many other requests in sign language. We are starting to potty train and La Petite will, and has been instrumental in leading the process. At 22 month old, Tess is counting to 10, learning letters, colors and shapes and is very proud of every art project she brings home from daycare. We are especially grateful to La Petite for the “Clean Up” song. It’s incredibly cute to see and has been so helpful with clean up time at home. We should also mention that Miss Lisa, her daughters and her staff go above and beyond to make each family and child, feel special. Miss Lisa never forgets a special occasion and makes each holiday better than the last. We have been blown away by her generosity time and time again. THANK YOU for the wonderful caring things you do! Both of our girls (Maggie and Tess) have thrived because of their experiences at La Petite Playschool. It truly takes a village to raise your children and we are so thankful that La Petite is our “neighbor”.
Eric and Tiffany Brown, Maggie and Tess' parents

Mallory, Cameron, and Caden
"I can't say enough about La Petite Playschool except that we are so lucky to have had all three of our children there. There is nothing more important than where your children are when they aren't with you and we had such a tough time with finding a place that we were comfortable with. We were brand new to Corvallis in July of 2011 and Mallory was 6 months old. Child number #1 so we are new to it all and naïve and anxious. The amount of burden that Miss Lisa and her excellent staff took out of the stressors of mommy and daddy moving to a brand new area and with two brand new jobs is immeasurable. Our children miss it on the days they are not there. We have had an excellent time and look forward to being there where they can grow and be part of the excellent infant through preschool programs. I think we and all the other fabulous kids and staff are lucky to be part of the family that is La Petite Playschool!!"

Kim and Duncan McGregor, Mallory and Cameron's parents


"After having Max I was able to enjoy staying home with him for the first three months before having to return to work. Knowing that I would be leaving my new little baby in the hands of others while I and my husband worked full time felt intimidating and sad at first. But after Max's first few days at La Petite Playschool I new we had found a wonderful place for Max to learn and grow. The assistants and Miss Lisa are so caring and wonderful and Max has really flourished under their care. He loves going to Playschool to play with his friends and has so much fun with everyone there. It really feels like a second little family for Max!"
Jenny Rosenberger, Max's mommy

Kyle and Erica
"Going off to work every day and leaving your precious little one with someone else all day can be stressful. However, knowing that my son is with the best caregivers that I could have ever asked for allows me to go to work and not worry about him.  The atmosphere at La Petite is playful but safe and the kids have a great time.  My son loves to go to Playschool and misses his friends when he is home on the weekend.  Miss Lisa and the staff take care of these kids like they were their own.  One of my favorite aspects of the La Petite program is the daily reports they send home with your child.  The little notes about things that go on during the day help me feel like I am not missing so much.  They put so much effort into making sure that the kids are happy, well-fed, active and continually promote their growth and development with educational playtime activities."
Dulcy Myrtue, Kyle and Erica's mommy

Rohan and Donnan
"We are very appreciative of the high quality care and experiences that our boys are receiving at La Petite Playschool.  The staff is very attentive and caring, and our boys both love interacting with the other children and the school's teachers.  We are very happy with our decision to enroll our children at La Petite Playschool." 
Mark and Stephanie Miller, Rohan and Donnan's parents

"Our daughter Hailey started at La Petite when she was almost 4 months old and we were so excited. I had just gone back to work from maternity leave, so we had only left her with family members prior to that. Hailey's first few days there, Miss Lisa sent us updates throughout the day letting us know how she was. It was so comforting to know how she was doing with non family members and kids her own age (all of her cousins are at least 7 years older than her). All the staff are so wonderful and Hailey loves going every week. She has never once cried when handing her off to them, and she loves playing with all her friends. We are so grateful for the report at the end of each day, it really makes my husband and I happy to know how her day was since she can't talk yet
We love to see all the stuff that they teach her every day, and can't wait to see how she progresses as she gets older!"
AJ and Katie Hicks, Hailey's parents 

Tyler and Rockwell 
La Petite Playschool is a fantastic child care facility that not only takes excellent care of the children, but nurtures their creativity, intellect, and unique personalities. We love picking up our son (just turned 2) and listening to him tell us about his day, the crafts he made, the friends he played with, and the teachers he’s enjoyed. This is where he got his first crush, his first best friend, and there is no other place we would rather him experience these monuments at. We are so grateful for Miss Lisa and the whole La Petite family, they truly spoil us all. 
Ryan and Tammy Aman, Tyler's mommy and daddy

As a first time mother I was terrified of putting my son in daycare. I toured many places and was dismayed at the lack of quality centers. By chance I saw that La Petite Playschool had openings and thought I would check it out. I could not have found a more perfect place for my son. Miss Lisa, the director, and the staff are exceptional. The space is clean and inviting and you can tell everyone really cares for the children. My son has thrived there since 3 months of age and immediately jumps into the arms of his teachers when we arrive. He has received more individual attention than we could have ever imagined and they helped us through each new stage of development. They are very patient, understanding and accommodating.  We will miss LPP dearly. No other daycare in town, or probably the state, can compare to the quality of La Petite Playschool.
Bethany Wallace, Colton's mommy

"When my daughter Hallie went to La Petite Playschool, she learned so much. I am fully
confident that she is prepared for kindergarten this year due to the time La Petite spent with her. The learning, structure, and loving atmosphere of La Petite has gone well over my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, structured, learning experience for their child.  Miss Lisa is a wonderful person as well as all of the La Petite staff.  This isn’t just your average playschool, there is a lot of over and beyond activities that the playschool does that makes it such a wonderful, fun place!"
UPDATE 2 years later:  "Miss Lisa, I really think you should open a second location of La Petite Playschool in Alsea. There is a need for quality day care here. Maybe you should look into it."
Jennie Olson, Hallie's mommy

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making La Petite a special, fun, caring, safe place for all kids.  Too bad we didn't find you earlier.  You, your staff, and the children that go there gave Edgar so much happiness!  He loved it there sooo much that even on weekends he wanted to go there!  Thank you for putting your heart into what you do.  I will tell everyone I know that La Petite is the best preschool."                  
Kirey Gilson, Edgar's mommy


"When Ivie attended La Petite Playschool, she came home everyday with stories of all the fun things they did that day.  She was always engaged and excited to be there!  Miss Lisa and her staff did a wonderful job keeping Ivie happy and learning, which made my life easier as well!  We will miss everyone next year with Ivie going to kindergarten!"               
Jessica Tussing, Ivie's mommy

"LaPetite Playschool is awesome!  At first, like many first time parents, I was very aprehensive about putting our 1 and half year old in daycare.  She had been taken care of by family in the past but that wasn't working out anymore.  Lisa and her Staff welcomed Stella like she was their own.  I hadn't intented for Stella to partake in preschool but she definetly benefitted from that experience as well.  Stella, even though she has been home with me for the past 4 months, still talks about the yellow school and Miss Lisa.  If in the future we need childcare again, I sure hope they have opennings for us."
Robyn Voice, Stella's mommy

Elijah and Austin

Lisa Miller is such an important part of my life and the lives of my children. She is amazing and loves each and every child that comes to La Petite.  My children felt safe, loved, nurtured and secure when they were with Miss Lisa and her staff.  I personally wouldn't have made it the last two and a half years working full time and trying to raise four children alone if it wasn't for Miss Lisa.  She is a part of our family and will always be.  When I was searching for daycare facilities it was my goal to find a center that provided two aspects of care.  1. Providing an at-home atmosphere.  2. Providing structure and learning.  Lisa provides both to all of her children.  It has been a great pleasure of mine to watch La Petite grow into the facility it is today.  So many adorable children and great parents!  I was grateful to be a part of the La Petite family."
eather Dobbins- Elijah, and Austin's mommy


"After looking at numerous day cares for our infant daughter, we chose La Petite Playschool and couldn’t be happier. She receives lots of love and one-on-one attention, and we are happy that the staff also focuses on learning. Even the infants sing songs, learn new words and play outside. It’s obvious our daughter is very happy and comfortable at her home away from home. We couldn’t be more confident with our decision to have our daughter at La Petite."
Carl and Stephanie Foreman, Laura's parents
"It is hard being a working mom and having to leave your child all day, every day of the week.  I take comfort in knowing that when I drop Corbin off at La Petite Playschool I know that he is safe, very well loved, and learning all day long.  Though he can't say it in words (yet), I know Corbin loves it here.  I can see it in his face that his is genuinely happy to be there." 
Kate Sanders, Corbin's mommy

"My son started attending La Petite Playschool when he was 10 months old. Although I had been lucky enough to take my classes online and stay home to take care of my son after he was born, I needed to return to taking classes on campus, and needed to find a trustworthy childcare provider. Maybe it’s just because he is my first and only child, but even just the thought of trusting a stranger to take care of my son was overwhelming. I was so grateful to find Miss Lisa and the staff at La Petite, who took amazing care of my son. Handing off a crying 10 month old to someone you’ve only met once and hearing Miss Lisa say 'don’t worry he’ll be fine’ makes a person a bit incredulous, but Miss Lisa was right, and my son has been fine there for over three years! As much as I miss him during the day, its nice to find a place that he loves so much he doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day."
Erica Liu, Isaiah's mommy

"La Petite is far more than a daycare for my son, it is a second home. When we first began looking for childcare, we visited 4 different places in the area but after visiting La Petite and meeting Miss Lisa, Miss Danielle, Miss Lolly and Miss Barbara, we knew there was no better place for Zack. He was 1 when he began at La Petite and he is now 5. He loves getting up and going to Playschool every morning. I cant imagine our lives without these amazing women. From structured school time to play time and adorable arts and crafts. Miss Lisa has transformed her home into the ultimate playschool. There is no one better to care for your children. Her daily letters let you in on every part of their day. We love you La Petite!"
Chelsea Powers, Zack's mommy

"My daughter has been attending LaPetite since May 2011. In just a short time she has grown so much both socially and academically. The structure and ciriculum are outstanding, Miss Lisa and her assistants are wonderful and the food program is excellent. I plan on keeping Lila there until she starts kindergarten."
Katie Webb, Lila's mommy

"As a first time parent, I was very apprehensive about putting my baby in child care when I had to return to work full time. With luck, I found La Petite Playschool and felt immediately at home. After touring many different child care centers, I had become so discouraged. None of them even came close to meeting my standards for the quality of loving care and attention I wanted for my 6 month old. I knew the moment I stepped foot into La Petite that we had found the place for my daughter. My first interaction with Miss Lisa and her staff was so encouraging. I could immediately tell that my baby would be in a safe and loving environment. Her facility is warm, inviting, and extremely kid-friendly. The baby room play area is developmentally appropriate and is filled with safe, fun and engaging toys for the babies. The nap areas are soothing, quiet, and dark, making it easier for my baby to sleep (which is so important to me and something I have not found at many places!). They provide me with a detailed summary of my daughter's day which is so fun to read. I feel like I'm included in her day when I can't physically be there with her. My daughter absolutely loves being with Miss Lisa and her staff, and I feel they love her as well. Children are so honest, and you can tell immediately that all of the kids that attend La Petite enjoy being there. That is something I could not ignore. Trusting someone else with the well-being, education, and care of my baby is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Lisa and her staff made this easy for me, and I am so thankful we found them!"
Amy Quiring, Alli's mommy


Our son, Evan Hernandez, attended La Petite Playschool the year before he entered kindergarten.  From the very beginning, the staff at La Petite Playschool was always very professional.  Miss Lisa, the director of the school met with and spoke with us personally before enrolling Evan.  Miss Lisa took the time to address all of our questions and provided a wonderful run-down of the  school for us.  At La Petite Playschool, one of the first things that is obvious to any parent is that the staff are dedicated and genuinely enjoy interacting with the children.   Everyone is professional, friendly, and caring.  Even always came home talking about how great his day was with his friends and his teachers and how much fun he had.  We especially liked the fact that we were given a daily summary sheet with the highlights of Evan's day to discuss at home.  In short, we were very happy at La Petite Playschool and will always have very fond memories of Evan's time there."
Ernesto Hernandez, Evan's daddy

"I am so thrilled to have my 4 year old daughter attending La Petite Playschool. The entire staff are energetic, attentive, and all-around-wonderful caregivers.  It is so heartwarming how much they care, and what a safe and fun environment they create for the children.  I most certainly recommend La Petite Playschool!"
Anjie Glatz, Lacy's mommy

"I found La Petite Playschool when my mother (who was my daughter's daycare provider at the time) needed to leave the state to take care of a friend. We were down to very short notice, and had begun to check out daycare facilities in the area. I was extremely paranoid about the idea of having my daughter in daycare with a stranger because she had never been watched by a non-family member before.  Issues I had run into while checking out other providers included:

Bad reputations (word of mouth), facilities that allowed non-staff members to hang out with the kids... (read: "You might see Bob drop by, he's not part of our program, but he's harmless..."), home daycare setups where the children were "watched" via one-way radio vs. the daycare host being able to visually see them, large dogs present with lots of kids (I LOVE dogs, but my kid will test her limits, and I can't handle the worry), and daycare setups within the home of children who were having problems sharing their home space/rooms/toys.

The list went on and I was getting more and more disheartened by the idea of finding a good daycare with such a time constraint. 
Then we were able to get a meeting with Miss Lisa, and I told her about all of the things I had run into, and my concerns.  Her home setup is charming!  It's not "This is my home, and I happen to have kids running around..." it's the opposite!  La Petite is first a playschool (with children, and play equipment, and safety in mind)-- Miss Lisa just happens to live there.

After meeting we were offered the chance to take an afternoon to shadow our daughter (which her dad was able to take Miss Lisa up on), and at the end of the day Maddy was ecstatic!  She'd had tons of fun, and her dad had nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience as well.

We chose La Petite because it felt right, and was the only place we had found that made us relax a bit about the idea of having to transition to formal daycare.  About a month later, when my mom returned, ready and willing to continue being our daycare provider, Maddy had already grown so much socially-- suddenly having an entire group of new friends, that we (my entire family) decided to keep her in school rather than take her out. She loves it there and thrives in it!"
Amanda Hinman, Maddy's mommy

"We were very nervous about having to put our son in daycare, but he absolutely loves going to Playschool and actually seems disappointed on the days he "has" to stay home with us.  Knowing he is in safe and loving hands puts our minds at ease so we can focus on our work when we have to be away from him.  We highly recommend Miss Lisa and her Assistants!"
Kara and Michael Hanson, Luke's parents

We chose LPP for the academic 
structure it would bring Ashly and preparing her for kindergarten someday. When we interviewed with Miss Lisa, she met us on a weekend because of our busy schedule and we appreciated her willingness to meet so quickly and on her day off.  I knew we were destined for this Playschool when she and my husband were both wearing OSU shirts. J 
We are truly amazed at how much Ashly learns in a day/week/month.  On our commute home she always sings a new song, practices phonics, tells me a cute story, etc. The first time I saw her do Zoo Phonics from A to Z I was impressed! The teachers and Miss Lisa at LPP are truly amazing and we cannot thank them enough for all their time, patience, and knowledge.

We look forward to the daily report cards. It is amazing that with all the kids they put so much detail in a report (such as what she ate/how she ate/potty/boo boos/lessons/comments/time outs, etc. ). My favorite part is the “cute saying” that my daughter says throughout the day. I save the report cards and someday I’m going to scrapbook some of those sayings.

Ashly socially has impressed me.  She loves LPP and all her friends there and when we have to stay home for illlness/vacation/weekend I can tell she misses it.  I’m glad LPP has a Facebook page and Miss Lisa always does such a good job with notifications and posting pictures from special events.
Michael and Christine Terpack, Ashly's parents

On the mornings that our son Rhett gets to go to Playschool, he, 20 months, somehow knows where we are going and is giddy and overjoyed, often exclaiming, "PLAYSCHOOL" with wild excitement as we get dressed and out the door. With our very busy and demanding schedules, it gives me tremendous comfort in knowing that my son is so loved and well taken care of when we are at work. The learning experiences he has at Playschool have been noticeably impactful and he loves the friends that he has made there. Miss Lisa and her team do a phenomenal job and my husband and I could not appreciate their efforts more or imagine a richer environment for our son to be in.
Megan Riley, Rhett's mommy

"Our co-worker recommended La Petite Playschool to us when we were looking for day care for our 7 month old baby.  We are more hen pleased with all the loving care our child receives at Playschool.  We love the daily summaries that detail feedings, naps and all the fun activities and interactions with the other kids.  Some of the activities have included baby sign, story time, listening and dancing to music, making music, and many more fun and stimulating activities.  Our child is always happy when we drop him off and I am very comforted
knowing that he is going to have a fun day with Miss Lisa and her loving staff.  Miss Lisa has created a wonderful, cozy, and stimulating environment that is well organized and clean.  We are very happy to have found La Petite Playschool as it has surpassed our expectations."
UPDATE:  "We definitely miss La Petite.  I am not that impressed with the new daycare.  You probably just set the bar too high.  Now I have expectations and it feels like Aspen is just a number at the daycare.  They have sooo many kids and the staff does not really talk much.  I would have expected the owner to be more interactive.  So we will see...  I might look for a smaller daycare.  I thought this would be good since they offer the educational aspect, but I think that individual attention at this age is more important than education.  So thanks for the great care you provided Misa Lisa, La Petite is really a special place.Erin and Kraig Kidwell, Aspen's parents
My daughter started attending La Petite at the age of three.  When I met Miss Lisa and saw the Playschool, I knew this was where she would be loved and cared for while I was at work.  The teachers and Miss Lisa truly care for my daughter and give me updates each day of what she did in school, circle time, her behavior, how she ate, etc.  The staff at La Petite have been a second family to us. A few of the teachers even came to my daughter’s birthday party last summer!  My daughter has loved her time at La Petite and we will truly miss them when Abby goes to kindergarten.   I highly recommend La Petite Playschool and can assure you that your child will be in safe, loving, and capable hands.”
Bobbie Gress, Abby's mommy

Patrick and Molly
There are 3 things I really appreciate about La Petite Playschool. First, the staff and environment is loving, safe, and focused on the kids. My children love going and the family at La Petite has become part of ours. Second, the balance between play time and school time is wonderful for the intellectual development of my kids. My son graduated from La Petite with the complete set of skills to be successful in kindergarten. I am confident that my daughter is going to be reading and writing before
she leaves La Petite. The focus on school time is great preparation and a gentle warm-up for grade school. Third, La Petite is fun and my kids leave with smiles on their faces.
UPDATE:  Molly went to kindergarten for a few weeks and the school decided to move her to the first grade.  Molly skipped an entire grade!
Kelly and Jason Hower, Patrick and Molly's parents

Sophie and Theo
"Our daughter started at La Petite playschool when she was 13 months old. It was her first experience in a real daycare environment and we were nervous that she may have a hard time transitioning. The loving and patient staff immediately embraced our daughter and made every effort to make her feel comfortable. It took a few weeks for the adjustment, but once she got in the routine, she looked forward to going to La Petite. She even had a few special staff members that she bonded with right away and would ask for by name.
UPDATE (SOPHIE):  It has been almost three years since she begun La Petite, and in that time our child has thrived and excelled at a rapid rate.  Every day she has learned something new or experienced a fun activity. The staff makes sure to cater to each child's needs and different comforting or learning techniques, which is often hard to come by in public daycare. We can truly say it is her home away from home and we are so thankful that we came across this gem of a daycare and all the jewels (staff members) that make it the special place it is."
"I am so missing this preschool and all of it's staff. We relocated out of state and found a center that is nice, but it is NOT the same. We were spoiled with both of our younger children attending La Petite over a course of 6 years. I felt like I was leaving my children with family and now, it's just not the same. If you are looking for a child care center that has a family feel, but offers so much more in terms of curriculum & learning (my children were miles ahead when they left there....what two year old knows what an octagon is?) then look no further. There's a reason they are highly sought after and had to open a second location. We will be forever grateful to Miss Lisa and her amazing staff. There truly is no place like it."
Emily and Alex Axelsson, Sophie and Theo's parents

"Our granddaughter Chanel attended La Petite Playschool for eight months, starting at age four.  Her social and academic progress during that time was marvelous, and we credit that in large part to La Petite’s excellent staff and philosophy.  She also made good friends there with whom she hopes to stay in touch for many years to come.

During her brief time at La Petite, we saw Chanel make amazing progress with letter recognition, writing letters, sounding out words, counting, rhyming, Spanish, artistic expression, socialization, and many related areas.  She clearly gained confidence in her abilities, and it’s hard to say enough about the caring, talented, and supportive staff at LPP, who made Chanel’s experience there (and ours) a special time.  We absolutely loved the detailed daily reports on her learning and artistic activities.

We send a big thank you to Miss Lisa and her staff for their care and dedication, and will always cherish the time Chanel spent at La Petite."
Donovan and Rima Rives, Chanel's grandparents

"Our daughter started at La Petite Nursery in July 2019 right as they opened their new location. She was three months old and the transition to daycare was seamless for her because of the kind and attentive teachers.  My daughter gladly went to her teachers every morning.  I thoroughly 
enjoyed the daily activity logs and frequent pictures we received. This lovely place is clearly centered on providing a home-life experience for all children.  I can't recommend La Petite enough!"  
Cassie and Will Jessie, Avery's parents (moved out of state)


EA Axelsson
I am so missing this preschool and all of it's staff. We relocated out of state and found a center that is nice, but it is NOT the same. We were spoiled with both of our younger children attending La Petite over a course of 6 years. I felt like I was leaving my children with family and now, it's just not the same. If you are looking for a child care center that has a family feel, but offers so much more in terms of curriculum & learning (my children were miles ahead when they left there....what two year old knows what an octagon is?) then look no further. There's a reason they are highly sought after and had to open a second location. We will be forever grateful to Miss Lisa and her amazing staff. There truly is no place like it.

Tausha Cushman
La Petite has been an amazing experience. All you really need is one walk through of their daycare and you're sold. Beautiful outdoor play area, well structured indoor play area with adorable toys, organized, simply a kids playground dream world.

When my kids started neither knew their letters or numbers. Now they can both spell their name, can count beyond what I expected for their age, and are singing songs throughout the day. Miss Lisa and Miss Danielle's education program has truly enriched their lives.

The school offers holiday recitals where they show off what they've learned that term. They also teach dancing and gymnastics. They also help potty train. Daily reports at the end of each day helped me feel like I truly knew what was happening and what they were learning each day.

We would recommend this daycare to anyone coming through. It's a great environment. My family benefited from the time we had at La Petite Playschool. If you're wanting a family environment that's also academic and play friendly, La Petite is the place to go.

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